Icons in transport requests

Transport requests. The way of moving changes between systems in SAP. Maybe you have seen a transport request with an icon in the description, like below:

An icon in the description? Yes. Isn’t it nice? Apart of looking nice, it is useful for distinguishing transport requests, for example, the ones that contain changes being done, the ones being tested, the ones ready for transport… But, how do we use icons in the description?

Icons in SAP are represented between “@” characters, and every icon has a two character code assigned, for example:


Of course, these are not the only icons that exist. You can check a long list in the following link:  

This way, if in a request description we add “@08@” at the beginning, the green traphic light will appear:

Easy, right?

You’ll probably surprise some of your colleagues with this trick 🙂.

See you in the next post!

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