• Título - Nibble, la sucesora de Makerbuino
    Arduino,  Hardware

    Nibble, Makerbuino’s sucessor

    Some time ago, I told you about Makerbuino, a small DIY gaming console based on the famous ATmega328 microcontroller, that you could build and code games for it, like Firebuino, my small game based on the Fire Game&Watch.

    The company, CircuitMess (wonderful name, using CamelCase 😏), have a bunch of active projects, like the small console Nibble, similar to Makerbuino, but using a color display and an impressive ESP-12 microcontroller.


    • Processor: ESP-12 @ 160MHz, 32-bit ARM arquitecture
    • Storage: 4MB
    • RAM: 80KB
    • Display: 1.4″ Full Color TFT, with a resolution of 128×128 pixels
    • Conectivity: WiFi

    160Mhz… I remember my first PC… A pentium I @ 133Mhz… This thing is more powerful, and it is powered by three AAA batteries 😂. Technology is amazing…

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