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    Making my air conditioner smarter – Part 1

    What’s better than working on a project for improving an electronic device (see Making my washing machine smarter)? Working on two projects!

    I have a Daitsu air conditioner in my bedroom. It is an old model, the DSG-07HRN2. My plans are: I want to control it from my phone, and be able to program it accoring to X criteria in the future (temperature, month of the year, if I’m at home or not…). I could use OpenHAB for this of course, as I did with my washing machine, but first, I need to connect my air conditioner to my OpenHAB server, which, being an old non-smart model, is not possible without modifications.

    I could use some king of magical (and probably expensive) thingy that externally sends the commands using infrared and uses a proprietary APP to control it (I know of their existance), but… where’s the fun there? 😜. My idea is to use another ESP-01 microcontroller, and send the infrared commands from inside the air conditioner unit itself. I’m sure this is going to be interesting 😊.

    First, let’s investigate which kind of protocol does the original remote use, I used the IRrecvDumpV2 example sketch from the Arduino-IRRemote library, created by Ken Shirriff and other contributors.

    When I tested my remote on my arduino MEGA, I was surprised it said the protocol used was SAMSUNG, which has nothing to do with Daitsu. Interesting.

    Samsung? Daitsu? Do they use the same protocol? Or is it an error from the sketch? Will we find out?
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